Jeremy Halvard Prynne, 1936-

1643   08/04/2017

Refuse Collection (2004)

         Refuse Collection (2004) J. H. Prynne   To a light led sole in pit of, this by ...
1632   08/04/2017

Pearls That Were (1999)

Pearls That Were (1999) J. H. Prynne   Over the ferny leaf-blades lying close to the bank and now deeper green fr...
1508   08/04/2017

From Not You (1993)

From Not You (1993) J. H. Prynne   With an eye turning for entry, most will gather as others have, from the spicy...
1568   08/04/2017

Treatment in the Field

Treatment in the Field J. H. Prynne   Through the window the sky clears     and in sedate attachment...
1533   08/04/2017

Rich in Vitamin C

Rich in Vitamin C J. H. Prynne   Under her brow the snowy wing-case    delivers truly the surprise of day...
1769   08/04/2017

The Ideal Star-Fighter (I)

The Ideal Star-Fighter (I) J. H. Prynne   Now a slight meniscus floats on the moral     pigment of...
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